Initiated by Jean Francis Ngapout, Youth Academic and Sports Scholarship Assistance (YASSA) aims to offer young Cameroonian talents academic and sports scholarships. For the promoter, Cameroon is full of many talents. He said the project YASSA wants to prove that it can recruit, develop and mentor young athletes of the country so that they have the same working conditions as the talents of elsewhere including the United States, England, Jamaica to name only those. This will allow the country of Roger Mila to have more result at the international championships: Olympic Games and the World Championship.

“YASSA believes in youth; who needs opening. We have talents that need to be nurtured, developed. We have coaches, institutions. What we miss is opportunities. The program presented here will allow the academic and athletic development of Cameroon’s young athletes, “says Jean Francis Ngapout, initiator of the project. For the secretary general of the Cameroonian athletics federation, Charles Kouot Kotte, the Cameroonian sport is now looking for winning win-win partnerships. But, he says, “it is even more beautiful to see that this partnership comes from Cameroonian athletes” and to promise further, “the Cameroon athletics federation will not skimp on any means to help make this program, a futuristic project that will hold the road so that by 2035, we can have great champions ”

For the initiator, it is a question of creating a very broad base at the level of the talents, to follow them and to give to the athletes the necessary elements to hoist very high the flag of Cameroon. The YASSA program comes to create an opportunity for coaches and their athletes “so that they can work hard knowing that there is a path laid out for those who could perform academically and sporting,” says JF Ngapout. A sport scholarship supposes that the athlete who benefits from it has the right to an internationally recognized quality education, an academic adviser, a cleaned and tidied apartment every day, a class supervisor, a high level coach. “We have opportunities in American universities that athletes and coach Cameroonian can benefit. So we have national scholarships that will prepare young talents for international scholarships, “says JF Ngapout.

The program plans to offer 10 scholarships per year to athletes eligible for sport studies. For athletes who are not academically eligible, the YASSA program can also accompany them. The program has are representative within the Cameroon Athletics Federation.

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