We want to improve the conditions of young people

The YASSA promoter presents the important of this project for athletics in Cameroon.

You organized a meeting on October 18th in Yaoundé for the launch of YASSA.

Can you present this project?

The Youth Academic and Sports Scholarship Assistance (YASSA) is a project whose vision is the enhancement and participation of athletics at the national and international levels. We have a mission to recruit, coach and develop young Cameroonian athletes in athletics, and to give them an opportunity at the academic and sports level to pursue a much more promising future.

What motivated the setting up of such a project?

This project was created by former Cameroonian athletes, including me. I am Cameroon recordman at 4x100m. By counting on the connections and knowledge that we have accumulated over the course of our career, we want to improve the conditions of the young of the present and even of future generations. What counts for us is to put the talents that we have in Cameroon under the same conditions as the Americans or the Germans, so that they can show their potential.

What is the specific problem you want to solve?

In Cameroon, athletics has very good talents and good coaches, except that there is no follow-up. Yet one can detect these talents and put them in the global conditions. The electrical timing system, for example, that we make available to the Cameroon Athletics Federation, will allow a good measure of the performance of the Cameroonian athlete. So we also want our country to benefit from sophisticated infrastructure like the more developed countries.

By Guy Martial Tchinda

Mutations N ° 4524 from Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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