Fight against doping in the sporting world, Cameroon loses

The theme of the meeting was “The Education of National Coaches and Young Athletes from Member Countries of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) Africa Zone IV, on Anti-Doping in Sport.” Opened on 16 October 2012 by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Mr. Adoum Garoua, she aimed to build a generation of athletes who will play fair. A generation that believes in doping-free sport and considers its practice in a clean and healthy environment. It is a question of bringing the young sportsmen to realize performances thanks to the fruit of their training. The works of Yaoundé also seek to promote sportsmanship in a world where the doping of athletes becomes a real scourge for the health of athletes, and a real cheat against the ideals and values ​​of sport.

This seminar, placed on the UNESCO and RADO office, benefited from local support from the Cameroon Organization for the Fight Against Doping in Sport (OCALUDS).

The Cameroonian anti-doping network for sport trains sports federations. She started looking for ways to solve this problem.

Doping is a gangrene that undermines sports circles not only in Cameroon, but also in the world. The summary is the presentation of the president of the Cameroon Organization for Combating Doping in Sport (Ocaluds), Robert Ndzana. He gives it on the occasion of the training session of the leaders of Cameroonian sports federations. Training focused on the theme: “Capacity Building for Athlete Support Personnel, National Sports Federations and Regional Anti-Doping Committee Members”. It was held on Tuesday, June 6, at the Yaounde Sports Complex (Paposy).

It is 10 o’clock. Minister of Sports and Physical Education Bidoung Mkpatt enters the conference room at Warda Building. In the Hall of Federations and Paralympic Committee Chair Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou. But, Kalkaba Malboum, president of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon is absent. After the installation of the master of the house, a short film from the World Anti-Doping Agency (Ama) is screened. It has against the backdrop of its ethical code that castigates doping practices. These violate the rules of the game and the franchise in the sport. Virtues which has the corollary equal opportunities for all sports practitioners.

Anti-Doping Convention
Subsequently, Minsep explains: “By signing on 29 November 2006 the Act of Accession of Cameroon to the International Convention against Doping in Sport, the public authorities have resolutely engaged the country in the crusade that leads the international community against doping in sport. Thus the Ocaluds was born, as well as the introduction of the legal provisions relating to this scourge in the law of July 15, 2011 relating to the organization and the promotion of the physical activities and sports “.

The Ama Code of Ethics is now adopted by more than 600 international sports organizations, as well as all Olympic disciplines. The fight against doping in Cameroon is supported by UNESCO, which is responsible for supervision and training in accordance with government policy and by Ocaluds, which is responsible for the repression of indelicate sports actors. These sport sanitation campaigns are funded by the Fund for the Elimination of Doping in Sport.