Athletics School

During the last ten days of July 2017, the first lessons at the school of the double Olympic gold medalist of the triple jump were given to the young people selected during the competitions of the Fenasco.

In the presence of Françoise Mbango, double Olympic triple jump gold medalist, the lessons of her athletics school Africa Jump Training Camp were launched.

The launch of these teachings took place in the cities of Limbé and Buea in the South West Region. The beneficiaries of this first training are the twenty athletes selected during the competitions of the National Federation of School Sports (Fenasco).

The daily Le Jour edition of August 3, 2017 reports that for this first edition, Françoise Mbango has Cédric Djerbir experienced sports educator, former athlete and comrade promotion. His role was therefore to pass on the knowledge to the athletes and national coaches who were invited to this edition of the Africa Jump Training Camp. Starting from the fact that it is the latter to whom it will be the responsibility to ensure the continuity of the training.

All regions of Cameroon were represented at this first high level training except for the East. “If there is not a hurdle, we will have champions in a few years. Here we have seen children who, without specific training, achieve performances close to national records, “said Francoise Mbango.

Cédric Djerbil approached by the daily also said “she asked me to come for this initiative, I did not hesitate. We spent ten days with their children and we saw many things. The goal was to show them the basics of training, the stretching methods, the athletic scales that are needed to reach