Once upon a time there was a gentleman named Ntonga Pie who, reading a French newspaper at the time, was astonished to read that the whites are having fun organizing a walking event between Paris and Strasbourg, which is almost 600 km long. all. in fact, for him, if they managed to traverse this distance in one go, then we blacks, accustomed to walking, could excel. this is how it came to him to create the LEAGUE OF FOOT MARKET.
from then on he gathered around him, Yene Joseph Marie, Ndi Alexander, Etoa Christophe and Ateba Yene Theodore. After elaborating a draft statute, a constitutive general assembly was organized on May 9, 1955 at the cultural center of Yaounde.

the agenda included among other things the creation of an association, the designation of the members of the steering committee, the adoption of the statutes. It was Yene Joseph Marie who proposed the name ATHLETIC CLUB WALK AND RACE FOOT was adopted. the constitution of the very first steering committee is as follows:

pdt: Yene Joseph Marie,
v.pdt: Ntonga Pie
SG: Ndi Alexander,
Tre: Ateba Yene Theodore,
Cons. to the propaganda: Edoa Christophe,
Cons. to the organization: Atangana Martin,

And the first national technical director is Nanga Maurice (he is master of EPS). He is assisted by Ayissi Ntsama (1st national coach).
From then on, they will begin to train athletes who will participate, on August 27, 1955, in the very first athletics competition in Cameroon. This is a 5km walk in the streets of Yaounde. This activity created a craze to such an extent that other clubs were created across the national territory (Mbalmayo, Eseka, Djoungolo, Douala, Dschang, Nkongsamba, Abongbang and Ngaoundere.) This club bloom will lead to an amendment on the denomination. July 28th, 1958 under the impetus of Ntonga Pie then acting president She passed from CLUB MARCHE … to ATHLETIC CLUB OF CAMEROON.
Note that as early as 1956, the first reports were made with the French Union of March on the administrative and technical levels that will lead to a linkage of texts and competitions.
On August 1, 1959 at the Annual General Meeting, the ATHLETICS CLUB CAMEROON became CAMEROONIAN FEDERATION OF ATHLETICS (FCA) with Ntonga Pie as President.

In a nutshell, the genesis of the FCA since then, several leaders have succeeded at its head with the ambition to perpetuate this vision that the founding fathers wanted to show the world.

Cameroon Athletics Federation