Athletics: End in Yaoundé of the 5th meeting

The objective of this 5th gathering was to obtain the minimums for the games of the Francophonie next September in Nice in France

Harmony is back to the Cameroon Athletics Federation since the ouster of Jacques Sébastien Mbous who was replaced by Ernest Oloume at the head of the presidency of the said federation. The federation has organized this Saturday the 5th and last meeting of the meeting enterclubs. A fifth reunion that allowed athletes to compete for skill in long jump, high jump, shot put, walk, marathon, discus throw, cross-country run, etc.

The competition that took place at the sports stadium in Yaoundé determined the athletes who will represent Cameroon at the Central African athletics championships that will take place in Congo Brazzaville, and the Games of La Francophonie scheduled for September in Nice. in France.

At the end of this last very competitive rally, a total of 17 athletes won the minimum to participate in the 2013 edition of the Francophonie Games. The competition was also part of the national championship, allowing some athletes to get the minimum to participate in the tournament “Athletes in action” held in Atlanta in the United States of America.

Saturday at Yaounde sports stadium, the team of the Armed Forces and Police (FAP) of Yaoundé, in the ladies took the first place with a total of 531 points. It ranked just ahead of Cameroon Sport, second, 369 points and the National Institute of Youth and Sports (INJS), third with a total of 225 points.

In the men’s category, Cameroon Sport swept the cumulative total of 534 points. First in the standings, the Yaoundé club ranked ahead of FAP, 521 points. INJS could not do better than a third place unchecked with a total of 234 points.